Reading the Bible – The Gospel According to Saint Mathew, The Acts of the Apostles [Hey, these books aren’t in the set!]

So there are two books of the Bible that are the readings for this time. The interesting thing is that the Bible is no included as one of the Great Books. But here is what editor-in-chief Robert Maynard Hutchins says about that in his introduction.“Readers who are startled to find the Bible omitted from the set will be reassured to learn that this was done only because Bibles are already widely distributed, and it was felt unnecessary to bring another, by way of this set, into homes that had several already. References to the Bible are, however, included in both the King James and the Douai versions under the appropriate topics in the Syntopicon.”

The Syntopicon is made up of two volumes in the set designed to help people find readings about various topics. It is sort of a set-wide index. Hutchins wrote this in 1951. I wonder how things have changed over the years and whether or not Bibles are as widely distributed and whether it would make sense to include them in a modern day set.  

 I have the King James version and will base my readings and post on that. If you happen to comment please mention which version you are using.


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