Read Along

It occurs to me that before I go too much farther, I ought to give people some resources for reading along. It’s not like everyone acquired a set of Great Books from their junior high library a couple volumes at a time.

So, if you want to read along with something and tell me how I got the interpretations wrong, you can probably find all the books at Project Gutenberg, which had posted most of the classics as e-text. It is in text format, so there is no need for fancy browsers or plug-ins.

I am sure that you are also likely to find some of the readings through google books.

Of course you could always visit your local library and actually read a book.

If you do want to argue with me on something, or just chime in, please let me know what translation you are using, because that can make a huge difference.

Coming next time: Plato’s Apology — Socrates Isn’t Sorry.


One thought on “Read Along

  1. Getting copies of the great books isn’t all that hard (which is pretty amazing, if you stop and think about it), but knowing what excerpt of what book comes next in this particular reading program requires that we have the first book in the set on hand. I don’t have access to that right now. I wonder if you could put the whole ten-year schedule on your About page, so the rest of us can go read some of this for ourselves.

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